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Charles Goeller (1901 - 1955)

7. The Shelf, c. 1930s

Oil on canvas, 18 x 20 inches, Signed lower right

Price Upon Request


1) (likely) Charles L. Goeller (first solo exhibition), Argent Gallery, New York, 1933 (see – The Art News, Vol. 32, Issue 8, November 25, 1933 – “The themes cover the general topics associated with still life . . . Vases, glasses, blue brocade, egg plants, boxes and jelly jars are painted with enormous facility and clarity.”, 2)  Charles Goeller Precisionist, Keogh & Riehlman Fine Art, New York, c. 2001 (label verso), and 3) Gerald Peters Gallery, New York, unknown date


Charles Goeller: Precisionist, Keogh & Reihlman Fine Art, New York, unpaginated (illustrated)


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